Vale Cindy Worthington 6.11.2021

Cindy came to Melbourne from Mildura on June 4th 2021, with her tiny daughter Vicky. Soon after they arrived, we learned that neither of them were well dogs and so they stayed with me in palliative foster care. Due to her multiple and chronic maladies we expected Cindy would pass first, but it was in fact Vicky we said goodbye to on July 27th.

Cindy was like no other dog I have ever met. She had a quiet authority; a deep contentment and her presence could be felt from the next room. My elderly neighbour would often visit to check in on Cindy and he regularly commented on how inspiring she was to him. With more than her share of health concerns she moved through life in continuous curiosity and always engaging in her surroundings. She didn’t withdraw.

In the time I cared for her Cindy only barked once, it was at a delivery guy leaving a parcel at my front door and I congratulated her on being such a wonderful guard dog. Then on two occasions she quietly growled at her own reflection in a mirror. Otherwise, I didn’t hear a peep from her in four months. But she didn’t need to be vocal for me to know she was near; I always knew where she was because her presence could be felt so strongly.

Her eyes were incredible and people in the park or on a walk would notice them. They were huge, full of wisdom and beautiful.

I would have loved to know Cindy for longer but I treasure the time I had to care for her. It was my absolute privilege and delight, vale beautiful Cindy Worthington. You will be missed.