Kika was adopted nearly three years ago at 15.  Her then family were uncertain whether to pts before they went overseas but they agreed to pass her on to us.

“Our beautiful Kika passed away this morning 30th October 2021 from old age. She would have been 18 on the 21st December, so she had a very long life thanks to the Victorian Dog Rescue and all the wonderful people who helped her live as long as possible.

We loved her so much (and still do) as she was a part of our of everyday life since February 2019. We miss her terribly and will do forever. She was a beautiful, wonderful dog full of love and happiness in spite of her age. Thank you for allowing Kika into our lives and let us give her our unconditional love and attention. We will always be grateful for the privilege of having her as a part of our family. I hope that there is an afterlife where she will be as loved as we loved her for the past three years she was with us.”