Kobi Adderley came into my life in Dec 2019 as a foster dog.  He and his friend, Chloe had been surrendered and I could not bear the thought of them having to be separated or move homes again, therefore, VicDRG allowed me the privilege of adopting them both.

Given their advanced years (14 ½ and 10 ½ YO), I always knew I would not have them very long, but I underestimated how much they would meld their way into my heart and life within that short period.

Kobi was the sweetest, natured, boy – he loved other dogs, cats and people.  I never saw him give anything a negative glance, except, perhaps the possums……..

……….Kobi really did not like the possums and in the evenings, he drove me crazy, always wanting to go out and bark at them, presumably to make them go away.  He pranced around like a puppy, jumping and barking under the trees and he had a wonderful time. During the day, he loved to come into the house, but at night, that was the possum hour and there was no coaxing him inside.  Many nights I snuck out in the wee hours to make sure he was undercover and tucked a blanket around him, to ensure his old bones were warm.  Oh, he got me so angry with these antics and wanting to sleep outside and yet sometimes I smiled to myself and thought, “Let him go, he is loving life!”.  Now, as silence folds around me with the night, I wish I could hear his bark and get angry at him once more.

Kobi loved his walks, especially when he got to run free in a big, safe, secure paddock (he was quite deaf and would aimlessly wander off otherwise) where there were sheep, cow and rabbit smells and ‘who knows what’ good things to munch on, his favourite being some goose poo!  He loved to lay in the sun and warm his old bones and his food had become a special treat for him.  When I was not quick enough getting his breakfast or dinner, he would walk behind me and give me an insistent nudge with his nose and then bark continuously for the duration of preparation; another little habit that drove me crazy.

Kobi went for his last country walk on Saturday afternoon.  He went downhill rapidly on Sunday and as he lay in the shade of his favourite tree in the garden, he peacefully said good-bye.

Beautiful, gentleman, Kobi gave much love and pleasure during the short period he lived with me and I am comfortable that, in turn, he had a wonderful, last, 14 months.  I am so pleased Kobi Adderley came into my life and despite the pain of losing him, I would adopt another oldie, in a heartbeat.

I hope there are possums over the rainbow bridge Kobi!