Lily came to our home in January 2009, she was one of the Mildura pound, drought dogs. When we got her she was very hyper active. After a few months she calmed down quite a lot, and we realised she must have been very stressed by the uncertainty of her previous life. As soon as she knew she was safe and loved, she relaxed. Lily was always intelligent, happy, stubborn and ready for her next walk. She understood a lot of words, No was not one of them. She just ignored No. She loved our regular sojourns to our holiday house on Phillip Island. She would run in big circles on the sand, dig holes and often forget that sea water tastes salty. She was very skilled at cadging for leftovers and treats and quite irresistible. She developed a well padded tummy. She greeted every visitor, they had only come to see her after all! She met each new grandchild as they arrived in our family, and they all came to think of her as part of their family. In the last few years before she passed away, she lost her eyesight. It didn’t phase her, she was a very confident blind dog. She still used her doggie door and immediately mastered the ramp we put up, to get her down the side of the steps and into her backyard. She still walked around the block a couple of times a day and although she was blind, she still insisted on leading us. Her health was obviously failing in the last two months of her life and she passed away peacefully on the 28th of September. She will find her resting place, alongside a couple of other well loved pets, at our house on Phillip Island. The grandchildren are collecting some good rocks to build her a headstone and paint her name on it. She will be always, loved and remembered.