RIP To my dearest Lulu,

You came into my life from death row Mildura pound as a foster dog with a view to adopt from Vic Dog Rescue, would have been 8 years ago this December. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with you. Filthy matted and covered in fleas, we got you clipped and clean. You were scared and nervous. You blossomed in my home full of love and kindness. Slept on the pillow next to me for years. You would jump up on my legs cheekily as I walked up the hall. Help me choose my clothes every morning. Follow me to the toilet, wait for me outside the shower and to get home every day. You would show your little sweet bossy side by nuzzling anyone and everyone for endless pats. I called you the park monitor for bossing all the dogs around in the park. Loved by children and adults alike. A strange old lady even tried to steal you once In Torquay. My housemate Harry and you were two peas in a pod. Devoted to each other. You gained a few nicknames, my favourite ‘Pookie ‘ from our dear friend Petra. Always happy and playful, you were the eternal puppy. Nosing in the dirt to bury your treats, saving for Armageddon we thought. You once ran off to a paddock of cows near Lake Connewarre and decided to try your hand at herding. Gave us a fright. I know it was your big sister Border collie egging you on as you were always the golden child. A coat of silken fluffy fur, and softest ears I was obsessed with touching. I will miss my endless kisses and cuddles from the sweetest of souls. Run free over the rainbow bridge my angel. I know Leon (my other Vicdrg dog) will be happy to see you. Thank you for filling my life with joy. I will never forget you.

Deep and everlasting love from your human Mumma