RIP poor Mia Elderton. She came down on the North West Rescue Route. Her elderly owner was dying of cancer and surrendered her to the pound at nearly 15. We fixed her rotting teeth, took off and biopsied some lumps, and she went off to her new home. Sadly three months later it was clear cancer was throughout her body and she went downhill quickly. Do we ever regret the money we spend on them to give them such a short time? No we don’t. Of course we don’t know at the time, but we would certainly do this for Mia again. She deserved to die with a family around her, loving her, not in a pound.

“Our little Mi Mi, you came into our household with so much character and goofiness. You were so trusting and loving from the start, and seeing you comfortable and smiling within hours reassured us that you were at your home.

You were always there for couch cuddles and we will miss how you always had to press up against us to fall asleep.

Although there were some issues settling in with our other two dogs, you were worth not giving up on. The other two may have had difficulty adjusting to you at times, but were always willing to share their bed for cuddles and, more times than not, give you the acceptance and love you deserved. Since you’ve been gone, the other dogs and us have found it hard to adjust to your absence.

You will always be our good luck charm, our goldie oldie, we miss you sweet girl Mia. “