Little Odie came to us from Swan Hill Pound in 2014.  When he went to the vet it was easy to see he had had a rough life.    The vet comments at the time included:

“Vet suspects Odie kicked in jaw at some stage. Fractured jaw with previous repair. Open pit on one side of his mouth and when vet investigated it was a loose wire  coming through from a previous rewiring he had. It would have been very painful.  There remains a piece of wire embedded in the bone.”

Odie went to the best home and his adopter has told us that Odie  passed away on the 28th of Sept ember, 2021.

“He became very unwell and lived to the age of 14years and 2 months.  Such a fighter and with great resilience.  He passed away in my arms very peacefully.  He was adored unconditionally and his passing has devastated me.  He was my best friend and companion.

Thank you for having given me the joy and love of having had Odie as my family for 7 years plus.  He will always be remembered and NEVER forgotten.