Quigley “The Quiglemonster” my special little guy.…you came into my life 19 1/2 months ago, a 14 year old with poor vision and completely deaf, in desperate need of a foster carer who could give you a lot of love, care and patience.

It didn’t take you long to make yourself at home with me and show your true funny, quirky, stubborn and demanding little personality!

It was such a joy to see you’re confidence grow and come alive and before I knew it you became the cheeky little monster I came to know and love.

You were definitely a one person only kind of dog and I’m so thankful that you chose me to be your person, and after fostering you for so long, I’m so glad that I adopted you and officially became your mum.

We may not have had a long time together but the bond we shared and my love for you will last an eternity.

Rest In Peace my beautiful boy ❤️