Lucky Roxy Dunwoodie is enjoying her new home.

Roxy is doing really well – she’s eating 2 meals a day and sleeping through the night at the side of our bed She is very well mannered with food and is extremely gentle. She seems to relax that little bit more each day… and we’re seeing a playful side to her with ball games and a little bit of tug of war with a knotted rope. There is also the odd zoomie. There are loads of cuddles and we are all enjoying just how smoochy Roxy is.

Roxy is coping really well inside the house and also in the backyard. We’re making sure she is supervised in the backyard for now as our back fence neighbour’s dogs do not have the nicest manners and she is putting them to shame. She sniffs at the fence and then goes about her business checking our the garden and sniffing all there is to smell. Her recall is very responsive both to her name and a whistle which we were pleasantly surprised by and are encouraging.