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One Of Our Early Rescue Transports In 2007 - Not Much Has Changed In 10 Years

VicDRG Blog These dogs were on one of our early transport lists from 2 June 2007. We didn't realise what we were beginning and that more than ten years later rescue groups would still be doing that same run every…

Mildura Council Has Responded - They Follow The Rules!!

VicDRG Blog The article appeared in Sunraysia Daily, Friday, August 11, 2017. Following is an excerpt: A MILDURA Council spokesman says it adheres to the strict protocols outlined in the Victorian Code of Practice…

International Cat Day…. And Mildura Council Killed Cats That Had A Rescue’s Name On Them

Shame on you Mildura Council...why did you kill these cats? Six had a rescue name on them. Why were they killed? Because they had cat flu. Why do they have cat flu? Well partly because Mildura pound has been operating as a too small pound with no room for quarantine or isolation facilities for the past