Mildura Council Has Responded - They Follow The Rules!!

Mildura Council Has Responded - They Follow The Rules!!

The article appeared in Sunraysia Daily, Friday, August 11, 2017. Following is an excerpt:

A MILDURA Council spokesman says it adheres to the strict protocols outlined in the Victorian Code of Practice for the Operation of Shelters and Pounds:

"If an animal at the animal pound displays signs of infection, council's local laws officers contact a vet, explaining the symptoms, and when required, arrange for an inspection as soon as possible," he said."If after a veterinary inspection the animal is diagnosed with a treatable, non-contagious infection, the vet will prescribe medication and provide approval for council's animal shelter staff to administer the treatment. This care will continue until the animal is rehoused or euthanised." 

When it suits them - not in terms of staff numbers or size of the pound though. This pound was too small 11 years ago. It was recognised as such and a new pound was to be built at that time - of course it never happened. Mayor Milne you were mayor at that time and we understand that at the In Camera meeting of Council it was decided you could manage a 'triage' operation and not be concerned with rehoming. It's always about money isn't it. Of course when they were more regularly shot at the tip it made even more sense.

If it wasn't so sad you would have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. So Council after 11 years has decided that cat flu is an infectious disease as is kennel cough and they must adhere by the Code. Yes Mayor Milne we are very familiar with the Code that Mildura Pound has NEVER adhered to. And for 11 years you have been releasing animals with both kennel cough and cat flu, and before you started parvaccing animals even more animals regularly died after adoption/rescue from the parvovirus.

These animals do not have kennel cough or cat flu when they enter the pound but they get it IN the pound - because it is inadequate, too small and underserviced by staff. And rather than having the prerequisite quarantine area as set out in the Code you decide arbitrarily to kill these pets when they get the signs of cat flu.Well done, really well done.

A solution that suits Mildura Council and involves just a euthanasia fee- much much cheaper than putting money into an adequate pound - shame that the euthanasia fee for each cat is about $40 - unfortunately more expensive for you then when you used bullets.

So to focus on one small friendly cat, perhaps belonging to an older lady who has gone into a nursing home, a healthy young cat, and the relatives take the cat to the pound because they know rescue groups will try to help even if the council doesn't. And that cat then gets cat flu as there is no adequate quarantine and you take that cat that has rescue to the vet who happily kills the cat, as it now has a contagious disease. It must be quite profitable being a Mildura vet with a contract with the pound.