Why Our Adoption Fees Are Fixed

Our Adoption Fees are fixed at $580 for a dog and $250 for a cat.

Unlike some groups we do not charge a higher fee for a young healthy dog or for one with papers. We have the same adoption fee for all our dogs and cats.

You do not have to adopt from us. There are many beautiful dogs in pounds, shelters, private surrenders and with other rescue groups. This is what we do and this is our cost. No one is asking you to pay it, there are plenty of choices.

We are here for the people that believe the dogs and cats with health issues, the seniors, are worth the adoption fee that sometimes covers part of their costs, and enables us to take on others. We do whatever we can for our dogs and cats, including the extra costs way above the standard vet work. They do not get killed or passed on with a problem that we could have fixed.

We offer the services of a trainer and a full refund for six weeks. We offer a lifetime take back policy with 50 per cent refund of the adoption fee. We also assist the pets of the disadvantaged; we pay for desexing of animals that are not ours; we deliver food to outlets for the homeless, we take pets from domestic violence situations.

We are indeed a community based foster care network. When you adopt one of our dogs or cats you are not only taking into your home a dog or a cat but become part of a group that has a defined philosophy that every dog and cat has equal value and works to support improvement in animal welfare in Victoria.

You don't want to be part of this. Absolutely fine. There are so many other great animals out there. However we do not see the point of you saying we are too expensive. Please look elsewhere. We are not asking you to adopt our pets. They are special and part of something special.