Neck Hugs - Available For Both Dogs And Cats

Neck Hugs - Available For Both Dogs And Cats
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From $50 for X-Small to $75 for Large

The "Neck Hug" is an alternative to the plastic Elizabethan collars used to stop our pets licking their stitches or pulling their bandages off. It is just as effective while being soft and comfortable for both your pet and you (no-one wants to cuddle a plastic collar).

The Neck Hug is a circular pillow with velcro closures on the top and bottom and at the neckline for a good snuggle fit. The neckline also has soft loops that you may slide your pet's own collar (or a soft scarf) through for added security.

Outer Cover: Cotton Blend Fabric

Inside: Cotton Muslin fully lines the Neck Hug

Inner Fill: Non-Allergenic Fibrefill

Neckline and collar loops: Ultra Plush

Sizing: XS (7”-9”), Kitty, S (9”-12”), M (12”-19”), L (17”-20”)

Your purchase helps us help the animals. All profits go directly to them.