We have such pleasure from hearing how our early DDP dogs are going. Attria now Tamba and Ariah now Wobbie came from Mildura Pound in 2010. Their adopter says:

“The girls turned 13 in November. They are still so great. Slowing down a lot and we have to be careful to manage their excitement/exercise, but they are still happy, energetic and gorgeous dogs. We love them so so much.

They still get a beach visit every afternoon and a short morning walk (becoming shorter and shorter atm) in the bush or beach.

Tamba is turning very brown. She’s so loyal and follows me everywhere I go.

Wobbie is so bouncy and cuddly.

Both still love fishing in the shallows, swimming after dolphins, sniffing along the beach and meeting their human friends for pats. They are happy to say hello to other dogs but are also content doing their own thing. They are the best dogs.

I hope we’ve given them a great life and I hope we have a few years left together.

We are both so happy that VicDRG  were able to rescue them from  Mildura and gave us the opportunity to love them. They are a dream pair and we are so happy we kept them together.”