Don’t stop the clock at 3 days

Please help us campaign against the 3-day rule.

The RSPCA want to turn the clock back!  They want every shelter and pound in Victoria to be able to kill your lost family pet in less than week.  You will have three days (not eight as now) to claim your lost pet, or they can be killed or rehomed.

They say it is better for the pet: it is not. It is convenient for Councils and better for big shelter profits.

Most rural pounds kill pets as soon as they can if they are not reclaimed or rehoused. Rescue groups struggle to get there in time to save them. Instead of happening at day 9, this will now happen at day 4. So instead of one lot of pets to rescue a week, there will be two.

We cannot let them send us backwards in how we care for our pets, and how we try to save those that others have abandoned.

Please read the full outline here then follow these steps.

Here’s how: Firstly, please consider who else might be interested in this campaign and share with them.

Then after that:

The parties listed are those the RSPCA have lobbied and are going to give a ‘score card’ too. Please don’t let this regressive move by the RSPCA pass without comment. Telephone/email as many as you can to let them know that you do not support this. Single emails are more effective than group ones.

And don’t forget your own member of parliament. So close to an election, perhaps they may even respond. And of course you can always let the RSPCA know your thoughts.  –  Labor head office Tel: (03) 9933 8500 Free Call: 1800 638 003 (country Victoria only)  –  Liberal head office Tel: (03) 9654 2255  –  Victorian Greens head office Tel: (03) 9912 2992  –  Justice Party Head office. Office Tel: 0431 443 705 Media: 0418 147 526  –  Premier of Victoria Tel: (03) 9548 5644  –  Minister for Agriculture – new to the role. Tel: (03) 5224 2088  –  Leader of the Opposition    Tel: (03) 9850 7983  –  Shadow Minister for Agriculture Tel: (03) 5482 2039  –  Leader of the Greens Tel: (03) 9348 2622  –  Justice Party Leader (not to be confused with the Animal Justice Party Tel: (03) 5218 5001

We have written a couple of suggested drafts for you – see below.

Please support us by making your view known.



Please do not support the RSPCA’s proposal to turn back the clock from 8 days to 3 days.

Give us the time to locate our missing pets.

Do not put more pressure on the rescue community to help  dogs and cats in rural pounds in such a short time, with some inevitably being killed.

Our pets matter to us.  Show us they do to you.

Whatever you can spare will help.

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