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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-21T13:39:23+11:00
What does it mean ‘checking out their new home’ on a dog/cat profile?2021-10-21T13:32:15+11:00

These pets have just gone into their new home. They are not currently available. If the adoption does not proceed, which is unusual, we would then go back to our current applications for that dog/cat.

Can I meet the dog/cat before submitting an application?2021-10-21T13:32:38+11:00

Unfortunately not. We value our foster carers. Many of them also work full time. Usually there will only be one ‘meet and greet’ for the pet and that is after the applicant has completed the form, and if it looks like a good match, received a call from us.

What does ‘foster with a view’ mean?2021-10-21T13:26:55+11:00

‘Foster with a view to adopt’ is when you foster the dog/cat and after living with the pet for a week you then decide if you wish to adopt the dog/cat or not. In most cases we require a bond payment of the adoption fee which is then refunded if you do not adopt the dog/cat.

If you see a dog/cat you like and you are interested in our ‘foster with a view to adopt’ program you must still complete the adoption application form and go through our procedures.

How do I know my application was received?2021-10-21T13:28:17+11:00

The first time you contact us you will receive our automated reply setting out our procedures. If your first contact has been sending an application, you should receive this. If not, feel free to send an enquiry checking that it has been received.

What if the adoption doesn’t work out?2021-10-21T13:30:57+11:00

If you adopt one of our dogs/cats you receive a 30-day full refund guaranteed if the adoption is not successful, plus a lifetime take back guarantee and support for the life of that dog/cat.

Additionally for dogs, we offer a behaviourist trainer free of charge and we offer access to classes on dog behaviour.

Where are the dogs/cats available for adoption located?2021-10-21T13:37:13+11:00

The majority are living with their foster carers in private residences across Melbourne. If the dogs/cats have ‘available for foster’ noted, they may be in a Victorian regional area and available under our foster care program or available for ‘foster with a view’.  (Refer FAQ What does ‘foster with a view’ mean?)

Can I use an adoption form from another group?2021-10-21T13:14:46+11:00

No we require you to complete our form. However if you want to send that form in initially, sometimes we may be able to tell you if that dog or cat is suitable for y our home or not but you will always be  required if it goes further to complete our application form. These forms from other groups will not be held if you require information about another of our dogs or cats.

It’s such a long form to complete without knowing if we are suitable.

Yes it is and if you send the main points in an email such as if you have another dog, cat, work full time and so on sometimes we may be able to tell you beforehand that the dog or cat you are interested in is not for you. But usually you will need to complete the application form for us to be able to tell if the dog or cat is a good match.

Why then should I complete your form?2021-10-21T13:17:16+11:00

Once you have completed the form you are in our system. If there is a further dog or cat you are interested in you advise us that you have completed the form before, and we can answer your queries straight away

Is our website up to date?2021-10-21T13:21:33+11:00

If a dog has been adopted this is marked within 48 hours on the website. But sometimes there are dogs/cats that are not yet on the website available.

Can I speak to someone about a specific dog/cat?2021-10-21T13:31:51+11:00

Unfortunately we are not able to telephone you until we have received an application form. We are all volunteers and do not have the time to telephone people enquiring about a pet. We only telephone those who have completed an application form and seem a good match.

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