Cat Adoption Form

If you are regular visitor to our website, you may feel you are seeing the same cats again and again. The cats at the top of the list have been with us the longest and you will see them each time. The ones new to us are at the bottom. We’re sure there is a cat for you there.


Felix Rossiter

Felix is a lovely cat who responds to his name!  When you call him, he will arrive with an expectation of being petted, which he loves.  In fact, Felix loves human attention, and he will always let you know he is around by talking to you.


Grace Buckingham

Meet Grace – a big girl with a lovely personality.  Grace loves food, playing with string, having a cuddle on your lap, particularly if there is a fluffy blanket involved. 


Milly Isherwood

Milly needs someone to love and to be loved. Milly is an exceptionally, shy girl and needs a quiet home, where her people will allow her time to settle and adjust, without expectation of her.



Hanna is a little girl with a lot of personality. She loves the company of both cats and people; she will greet you when you come home and chatters to you when she needs a treat or playtime.


Rafael Ortiz

Rafael is a gorgeous boy. He is wary when approached and will avoid being picked up. Once he is in your arms though, this smoochy boy cannot get enough pats, cuddles and scratches.


Sinders Yeager

Confident, outgoing, playful, and smart are just some of the words used to describe young Sinders. He enjoys nothing more than being within the company of his humans or other cats that will enjoy his playful nature.


Tilda Trevaskis

Meet Tilda, who was rescued with her two kittens, who have recently been rehomed. Since being relieved of her motherly responsibilities, Tilda is settling and has started showing off her playful side; she loves a few rounds of zoomies and then she will entertain herself with some toys.


Max Ingersoll

~ A sweet little man looking for his Fairy Godmother ~ Max came into care after experiencing a life of living in a 2x2 cage with another dog in squalid conditions. Sadly after they were seized and taken to a shelter Max’s friend was in such poor condition that he was pts. Max then came to us.


Miyako Kobayashi

Miyako is playful, inquisitive and affectionate. She loves playing in tunnels and running through them at top speed. She would play all day with you if you had the time but if she is on her own she doesn't mind at all and keeps herself occupied with toys and naps.


Sakura Kobayashi

Sakura is a loving girl who is dog and cat friendly. She is a sweet little girl with delicate paws and a tiny squeak of a meow. She exudes enthusiasm and approaches everything she does with a level of intensity beyond imagination.


Kiwi Overton

Kiwi is an adorable boy who is dog and cat friendly. He is a big handsome boy who is torn between a cuddle and a game. He loves to be patted but can't resist a wrestle and a game of chasey.