Cat Adoption Form

Catthew Hartwell

A mature gentleman, but a kitten at heart! Catthew is the perfect combination of independent and adorable.  You’ll instantly fall for Catthew’s sweet face and lovable personality. 



Jaele is a friendly, gentle girl who enjoys the company of her dog and cat housemates, but is also happy to spend time by herself on a sunny window sill.


Grace Buckingham

Meet Grace – a big girl with a lovely personality.  Grace loves food, playing with string, having a cuddle on your lap, particularly if there is a fluffy blanket involved. 



Orlando enjoys human interaction – he loves cuddles, laps, pats. We are still working on his being held but he loves nothing more than to curl up and snooze in his carer’s lap.


Milly Isherwood

Milly needs someone to love and to be loved. Milly is an exceptionally, shy girl and needs a quiet home, where her people will allow her time to settle and adjust, without expectation of her.



Hanna is an affectionate young cat, who loves company. Hanna has come a long way in her progress, initially she was so shy and nervous and now she is very social and affectionate.


Frankie Quartermain

Frankie can be a little shy, but once she is comfortable will start purring as soon as soon as she sees you and starts doing head rubs on whatever is around her in anticipation of getting a nice cuddle or scratch from you.