Dogs For Adoption

  • Floyd Devereux

    Floyd Devereux

    Male Wolfhound x, DOB 5/11/15

    Please note: Floyd would prefer to live with another dog that is a good playmate for him. Floyd is a real character, a friendly boy who loves pats so much he will press his head into your hand for a pat or, even better, a head scratch. And if you stop scratching, you will find a giant paw in your lap to remind you to continue...

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  • Quigley


    Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 6/5/06

    Quigley is pretty quiet but incredibly sweet and likes to stay close to you at all times. He loves a good back scratch and massage and sticks out his little paw if you dare stop too soon! He is deaf and shows no response to any noise at all...

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  • Zephyr Uchello

    Zephyr Uchello

    Male Australian Cattle Dog, DOB 15/11/11

    Zephyr is an absolutely gorgeous dog who will be rehomed as an only dog. As some of you would know he has been at death’s door and returned...

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  • Maxie and Varnie Wordsworth

    Maxie and Varnie Wordsworth

    Maxie Male Fox Terrier x Pomeranian, Varnie Female Fox Terrier x Pomeranian, DOB Maxie 1/7/15, Varnie 29/1/16

    Meet Maxie and Varnie, an adorable pair. The only thing they could love as much as each other is a dedicated, doting human companion...

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  • Lew Wordsworth

    Lew Wordsworth - is available for foster or adoption

    Male Blue Heeler, DOB 5/10/08

    Please note: Lew will be rehomed as an only dog no cats please.
    Lew is a cute wombat-like blue heeler who is undersized but still quite stocky. He has a lovely worldly look in his eyes which he enjoys displaying when he makes eye contact with you...

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  • Teddy Yorick

    Teddy Yorick is on hold

    Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback, DOB 18/3/20

    Please note: Teddy will be rehomed with another dog.
    Teddy Yorick is a gorgeous pup of about 18 kgs. We would say kelpie x staffie x maybe ridgeback and we think he will end up about 25 kgs...

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  • Rusty Pachuka

    Rusty Pachuka

    Male Wolfhound x, DOB 22/3/13

    Please do not apply because Rusty looks cute.
    Rusty is indeed cute looking but he needs a dedicated person/s to help him work through his issues. He has been kenneled for a very long time which has resulted in some negative behaviours...

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  • Bella and Marley Zinfandel

    Bella and Marley Zinfandel are on hold

    Female Pomeranians, DOB 1/7/11

    Marley and Bella are bonded friends who are looking for a home and family to share.
    Do you like to dance? These girls do. Bella is a little twinkle toes who will spin and prance when something exciting is happening. Marley loves to show off her two-step...

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  • Puppus Uchello

    Puppus Uchello

    Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 6/11/12

    Please note: Puppus will be rehomed as an only dog, with no cats please. Puppus is a beautiful boy, essentially a homebody and very human focussed. He likes to always be around you though he enjoys his own space. Being in the same room or area with his human makes him very relaxed...

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  • Rambo Verreau

    Rambo Verreau

    Male Bull Arab, DOB 8/2/15

    Rambo is a quiet boy who loves to receive and give affection. He tends to prefer to do his own thing though, rather happy in his own world with his humans. As he has recently been harassed by another dog he would prefer minimal dog interactions at present...

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  • Bob Saltmarsh

    Bob Saltmarsh is on hold

    Male Staghound x, DOB 8/7/18

    Bob Saltmarsh is fun, affectionate and always on the lookout for an opportunity for a cuddle or a game of fetch with his adored humans. Bob loves to go out with his people...

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  • Bella Bellingham

    Bella Bellingham is checking out her new home

    Female Labrador x Staffordshire Bull Terrier, DOB 1/8/16

    Bella has had too many moves in her life. Taken from a rural pound a little more than two years ago, taken to a shelter, rehomed for a year and now on the move again, and who knows before then...

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  • Loki Bellingham

    Loki Bellingham

    Male Kelpie x Koolie, DOB 12/10/14

    Loki is a special boy and a very reluctant surrender by his heartbroken family of five years. He is perfectly house trained and a delight to have around. Not destructive, not a barker or a digger, not an escape artist...

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  • Charlee Saltmarsh

    Charlee Saltmarsh

    Female Miniature Fox Terrier x, DOB 1/1/15

    Please note: Charlee will be rehomed as an only dog to an adult family with no cats. Charlee doesn’t believe there is such a thing as too many pats or scratches. The only time she doesn't like affection is when she is sleeping, and she will resource guard her bed...

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  • Norm Caballero

    Norm Caballero

    Male Wolfhound x, DOB 6/2/17

    Norm is a beautiful boy who is extremely friendly with people, has lots of short-term energy to burn, and knows sit, drop and shake with both front feet. Norm just loves to hang around with you inside...

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  • Chelsea Abernathy

    Chelsea Abernathy is checking out her new home

    Female Miniature Fox Terrier, DOB 14/12/2006

    Chelsea is a delightful older girl. She is comfortable with new people, other dogs approaching her on walks. She is obedient and adapts quickly to a new situation...

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  • Shayla Caballero

    Shayla Caballero

    Female German Short Haired Pointer, DOB 1/8/15

    Are you looking to get out on some lovely long walks now that summer is here? Great, Shayla wants to come. Shayla loves human company and is a very friendly, affectionate young girl, noting that pointers stay young all their lives...

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  • Woody D’Artagnan

    Woody D’Artagnan

    Male Greyhound, DOB 24/12/18

    Woody can be a little shy initially but this doesn’t last long once he is comfortable. He is an inquisitive boy who follows you everywhere. He is very good in the car and visits the vet with no fuss at all. A gentle, considerate boy ...

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  • Grayson Ebsworth

    Grayson Ebsworth

    Male Greyhound x Mastiff, DOB 5/12/17

    Grayson is incredibly loving and smoochy ~ all he wants is to be by your side. Since he has been with his foster carer he has started to show a more playful side and he loves his new squeaky toy and playing tug-of-war...

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  • Princess Fontana

    Princess Fontana

    Female Boxer x Deerhound, DOB 4/10/19

    Princess Fontana is a country girl who is adjusting well to the bright city lights of Melbourne. She is getting used to seeing cars and trams and the hustle and bustle is becoming the new normal for her...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.