Dogs For Adoption

  • Tomkins

    Tomkins - available for foster care or adoption

    Male Terrier x, DOB 15/06/2013

    Tomkins is a great dog who is looking for foster carer or an adult only family he can dedicate his heart to, but please read to the end before you apply...

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  • Atlas MacAndrew

    Atlas MacAndrew

    Large Male Bull Arab x Mastiff, DOB 29/08/2016

    Atlas is a lovable, affectionate boy who just wants someone to cuddle and dedicate his life to. He adores his humans and would be a fantastic second dog with a medium to large doggy companion as he thrives with the company. Currently Atlas shares his home with three other dogs and they get along famously...

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  • Snowy Zanzi

    Snowy Zanzi

    Small Male Maltese x, DOB 2/01/2008

    Snowy Zanzi at home is so quiet, placid and gentle and mostly sleeps during the day. When out of the home Snowy is hyper stimulated by his surroundings and becomes excitable, wanting to walk fast and sniff everything in sight...

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  • Joss Clarimond

    Joss Clarimond

    Male Cavalier x Maltese, DOB October 2007

    Hi, I’m Joss Clarimond. And I need love. Don’t we all. But I would like my love to be shared with one or two or more humans (or maybe more as I love adult humans) and definitely no other animals. I would like to walk in a quiet area with not too many dogs to stress me out...

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  • Gill Harbottle

    Gill Harbottle

    Male Maltese x, DOB 20/4/09

    Please note: Gill is looking for an adult family to share his life with.
    Gill Harbottle has done it tough in the past but that sweet little boy has emerged who just wants his family to love him. He has spent nearly all his life alone in a back yard...

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  • Bella Lafferty

    Bella Lafferty

    Large Female Great Dane x Mastiff, DOB 16/10/14

    Bella is generally a friendly, submissive and kind girl albeit slightly nervous. Just because of her size she will need an adopter experienced with big dogs and older children. She knows sit and drop and walks relatively well on lead. She will sit by your side while you have a coffee down the street...

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  • Kiki and Kiyo

    Kiki and Kiyo

    Small Female Pomeranian x and Male Kelpie x Staffy, DOB Kiki 2004, Kiyo 18/09/08

    Please note: Kiki and Kiyo are very bonded and we will be rehoming them together.
    They will be the only dogs in their new family. We are looking for someone special who can provide a permanent place...

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  • Gemma & Monkey Santiago

    Gemma & Monkey Santiago

    Small Male and Female Jack Russell Terrier x Maltese, DOB Gemma 7/07/2010, Monkey 2010

    Please note: We will be rehoming Monkey and Gemma together.
    Monkey and Gemma Santiago have just arrived in our care this week and are settling in. Eight years old, a bit of a tough life behind them, they are SO bonded; good with cats...

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  • Kimi Torsten

    Kimi Torsten

    Large Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Wolfhound, DOB 9/11/12

    Kimi is the funniest character. Initially she was confused when coming into our care as she missed her previous person very much. But with lots of love and established trust she is showing signs of personality plus and has blossomed into a confident and affectionate dog...

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  • Delta Santiago

    Delta Santiago

    Female Rhodesian Ridgeback x Bull Arab, DOB 9/10/17

    Looking for an enthusiastic companion? If so, our gorgeous Delta may just be the one for you. Delta is a big puppy and incredibly loving. She loves to give kisses and is always available for tummy rubs and pats. She adores her humans...

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  • BJ Santiago

    BJ Santiago

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 2013

    Meet BJ Santiago. This endearing boy adores people. Friendly with his humans, BJ loves to be in your company; sharing your couch, naptime and every moment...

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  • Geoffrey Merriville

    Geoffrey Merriville

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x Pomeranian, DOB 2012

    Geoffrey is an adorable little fellow, who despite having a difficult start to life, wants very badly to love and be loved. He thrives on company, whether it be other dogs or adult people, he wants to be around others, to share life's journey...

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  • Oscar Vanderhoven

    Oscar Vanderhoven

    Male Wolfhound x, DOB 09/12/2017

    Please note: Oscar is looking for a calm adult home with consistent routine. He would also do well sharing his people with another calm, gentle dog for company.
    Oscar has a very chilled personality and loves a good chin rub. All is well in his world if he can be in your company. He is a friendly boy...

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  • Lilly and Lulu  Upton

    Lilly and Lulu Upton

    Small Female Maltese x, DOB Lilly 28/09/2008, Lulu 24/10/2006

    Sweet cuddlebugs Lulu (12 years) and Lilly (10 years) are a reluctant surrender due to the health of their beloved person who has shared their life since they were puppies. They are very bonded and will be rehomed together...

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  • Harley Wainwright

    Harley Wainwright

    Medium Male German Shepherd x, DOB 2016

    Say hello to Harley Wainwright – a delightful dog with an unmatched enthusiasm for chasing butterflies, playing and all the fun adventures that the world has to offer. If you need a lesson in living in the moment then Harley is the one for you...

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  • Casper Chesterton

    Casper Chesterton

    Small Male Pomeranian x Tibetan Spaniel, DOB 2010

    This little guy has spent all 9 years of his life locked in a backyard with very little interaction. Despite this, he is reasonably, unscathed – he is enthusiastic about life and loves humans. He has settled well into a family environment...

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  • Sandy Farquhar

    Sandy Farquhar

    Female Red Heeler, DOB 15/12/2009

    Sandy is a lovely girl who is a reluctant surrender by her male person. She hasn’t spent time with many dogs and probably would be best to remain an only dog with people all to herself, although she may adapt well to a home with another quiet dog she has met a few times first...

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  • Zac and Ellie Farquhar

    Zac and Ellie Farquhar - available for foster care and adoption

    Zac male Maltese x Shih Tzug, Ellie female Maltese x Shih Tzu, DOB Zac 18/06/2007, Ellie 01/05/2008

    What a gorgeous duo - just like an old married couple. Zac is a big sweetie and isn't as outgoing as little Ellie but once he gets the opportunity to snuggle up with you he will get as close as possible...

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  • Shadow Greenslade and  Indiana Greenslade

    Shadow Greenslade and Indiana Greenslade are not available - they are checking out their new home

    Male Border Collies, DOB Shadow 26/01/2009, Indiana 30/03/2009

    Indiana and Shadow are adorable friends just new into the care of Victorian Dog Rescue...

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  • Jack Greenslade

    Jack Greenslade is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Large Male Irish Wolfhound x, DOB 10/01/2016

    Jack Greenslade is beautiful, loyal and sweet. This reluctant surrender is a chilled out boy at home. During the day he likes to rest or sleep wherever his people are or he is just as happy outside soaking up the sunshine...

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  • Pirate Jamieson

    Pirate Jamieson

    Male Maltese x Shih Tzu, DOB 2/10/10

    Pirate Jamieson is such a divine little dog. He loves human company and will show you his affection with kisses and excitement when you arrive home...

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  • Billie Bullet Jamieson

    Billie Bullet Jamieson

    Small Male Maltese x Shih Tzu, DOB 17/03/2012

    Billie loves cuddles. He loves to play with his toys. He loves you. Billie is a proud little boy, and sometimes this means male dogs don’t like him. But once he meets a dog he is relaxed and confident...

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  • Marty Ihakara

    Marty Ihakara

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 22/01/2007

    Marty is a great little dog. He would be ideal for an older person who is around most of the time. He follows you everywhere like a little shadow and is incredibly endearing...

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  • Misty Ihakara

    Misty Ihakara

    Female Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 04/06/2008

    Misty is 10 years old. Sadly she has had a few homes. This gorgeous girl is extremely friendly with people with lots of tail wagging and some jumping up. She is not as happy as she could be currently living in a high rise apartment...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.