Dog Adoption Form

If you are regular visitor to our website, you may feel you are seeing the same dogs again and again. The dogs at the top of the list have been with us the longest and you will see them each time. The ones new to us are at the bottom. We’re sure there is a dog for you there.


Felix Rossiter

Felix is a lovely cat who responds to his name!  When you call him, he will arrive with an expectation of being petted, which he loves.  In fact, Felix loves human attention, and he will always let you know he is around by talking to you.


Millie Aylesbury

Millie is a brave and loving girl, who has been working with her carer to overcome quite a few challenges. She is looking for experienced dog people, who will continue to support her to be her best self. This gorgeous pup is gregarious and affectionate with her people.


Bruno Belvedere

Bruno is such a sweetheart. Like many rescue dogs, he has gone through a lot, and is desperate for love. He will melt your heart when you pick him up and he snuggles in to your shoulder and lets out a little sigh.


Teddy Belvedere

Teddy Belvedere  has been with us since late last year.  We weren’t actively looking to find him a home initially as he came to us with his friend Lucy whom had degenerative myelopathy and we left them together.  Lucy sadly is no longer with us and Teddy needs his own home.


Walter Dahlstrom

If you love pottering around and having a little fur friend to chat to as you go, then Walter is your man.  Walter is a quiet gentleman who is looking for nice, calm home to live out his senior years.


Tess Elderton

Looking for someone who will always welcome you home with the biggest, goofiest smile? Ready to experience the happiness associated with the little things in life? Then the gorgeous, delightful, goofy Tess is your girl.


Max Ingersoll

~ A sweet little man looking for his Fairy Godmother ~ Max came into care after experiencing a life of living in a 2x2 cage with another dog in squalid conditions. Sadly after they were seized and taken to a shelter Max’s friend was in such poor condition that he was pts. Max then came to us.


Simba Laurier

Simba comes to us as a very loved boy and a reluctant surrender. He is a snuggly dog who loves attention and cuddles. Although Simba is very affectionate, he also enjoys his own space.