Rocco (Jack Russell Terrier) has enjoyed his first Xmas in his new home.

Rocco loved his first Christmas with us, and has settled in perfectly – it’s like he’s always been here – so I think he’s very happy with his new friend Scully, and with Simon and me.

Now that we’ve had him for a few months, his personality has really come out. We thought he was such a teenage boy when we got him, a lot of energy and the bravado of a terrier, but after a bit of training (mind and body!) he’s got a softer, sensitive side that has been quite sweet to see. He loves a snuggle – cannot get enough belly rubs, and will curl up on you the second you sit on the lounge or hop into bed. He loves his food – a blessing when it comes to training, but wow, you can’t turn your back for a second if there’s food within reach. He has a favourite toy, a sloth, that he likes to carry around and chew or lay his head on. And he and Scully are best mates. They play fetch together at the park, snooze on the deck in the sun, play in the backyard and love their daily walks side by side. We’re very happy you chose us to look after Rocco  and he seems pretty chuffed with his new life too.