When I heard about Karma’s story and her past life as a puppy farm dog, I knew I had to take this little girl in and give her some well-deserved TLC that she had never received before.

Karmi immediately stole my heart and I decided to make her a part of my family forever. Even though she is 6 years old she had to be house trained, taught basic commands and how to walk on a leash, everything was a new and scary experience for her.

Karmi has adjusted so well to her new life and has blossomed into a cheeky and confident little lady. She is great with kids and all animals including cats, she loves car rides, going for walks and meeting new doggy friends, but most of all she loves her food! She is my shadow, lap warmer and best pal.

Thank you VicDRG for giving this sweet girl a second chance to live a happy and rewarding life filled with unconditional love.