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Adoption Fee: $400

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NB: We do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

Breed: Female DSH
DOB: 17/02/2022
Location: Melton West

Please note: Pebbles will be rehomed with her sister Puffin Yeager or another cat for company.

Pebbles is so friendly and as soon as you pick her up she starts to purr. She has a sweet little face with beautiful calico markings and is a sassy confident girl who doesn’t mind showing the adult cats who’s the boss! This tiny little kitten stands her ground and struts around the house.

Pebbles also has a soft side. She loves to snuggle up onto your lap for a snooze and enjoys being picked up and cuddled by family and friends. She is often found sitting in front of the TV or looking for some mischief to get into, what kitten doesn’t?

Pebbles loves to eat and always seems to find room for another snack. She LOVES water. She waits for her carer to turn on the shower so she can have a play. Pebbles doesn’t mind her paws getting wet in the shower or in the sink. She will often sit at the sink and watch the water in fascination.

She likes to sleep with her head straight down face first into the carpet, cat bed or the couch, depending on where she’s sleeping. She loves sleeping in a heated bed with her sister Puffin.

Being young, Pebbles is lively so she enjoys short bursts of high energy exercise followed by a long nap, several times in the day and will happily occupy herself playing with toys She has just started to show some interest in cat jumping and enjoys wrestling with her sister Puffin.

She will be best placed with another cat, preferably being adopted along with her sister Puffin. Two kittens to love, just imagine. At this stage we feel she would be suited to a family with older children. Pebbles has not yet been tested with dogs.

Microchip Number: 956000011365727
Source Number: RE120211
Medical Notes: Weighs 1.5kgs

All our cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated as necessary and if over 12 months FIV tested.