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Breed: Female Domestic Medium Hair
DOB: 22/10/2022
Location: Wallington

Please note: Sakura is a loving girl who is dog and cat friendly. Sakura will be adopted to a family who already have a playful cat or a dog to share her world with.

Sakura is a sweet little girl with delicate paws and a tiny squeak of a meow. She exudes enthusiasm and approaches everything she does with a level of intensity beyond imagination.

‘Catnip hour’ is something special to watch when Sakura is involved. Her eyes open wide and she stares intensely, waiting, watching … then all of a sudden, SHE’S OFF!!!! Sprinting, leaping, rolling, climbing, flipping, there’s no stopping her!

Sakura is independent of her humans for much of the day, taking herself off to find things which amuse her- this usually involves finding the nearest cat to tackle or play a game of chase with. Sakura also loves to climb her scratching tower and carry little toys around the house. After playing hard, Sakura delights in some quiet time; a patient observer she sits and just watches the world go by.

Come bedtime, this little character’s loving nature shines. Sakura shouts down the hallway and when you call back “meow meow” she comes running, jumps on the bed and purrs like a freight train. Sakura delights in bedtime pats and rolls around positioning herself so that you can scratch her in just the right spot. Once she’s done with people pats she moves onto her dog, smooshing her face into his, writhing around flipping over and over until she’s snuggled firmly in under his chin. And that’s just where she’ll stay until morning.

Sakura is a very well socialised kitten who loves to spend time with both her cat and dog friends. She really relies on their company and confidence to help her feel relaxed and for this reason, Sakura is looking for a home with another friendly cat and/or dog.

Sakura can be shy around new people and she’s only just now managing to show her delightful personality to her foster carers so the best type of home would be a quieter, indoor only home with people who understand it takes time for her to trust and love humans. However, once she does come out of her shell you’ll realise that her love is a special treat worth being patient for.

Microchip Number: 900164002204180
Source Number: RE120211
Weight: 4kg

All our cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated as necessary and if over 12 months FIV tested.