Sometimes all we can do is give these unfortunates dogs a few weeks of the life they should always have had. And we are lucky to find foster carers that enable us to do this.

Archie’s foster carer writes:

We miss Archie dearly.

The thing about Archie was that he wasn’t just any dog, he was the coolest little dude we’ve ever met. Completely unfazed by most things, and just happy for life. We all fell in love with him immediately.

We have steps up to the bed for Ruby, and Archie quickly learnt how to use them and made them his steps. He’d run up and down them, and he’d sleep on the top step. He even marked them to ensure everyone knew they were his. We had got him a second set just so he could get on and off the couch instead of trying to jump, or wait for us to lift him up.

Most of his naps were on Jack’s jacket, and he’d curl into a little ball. Because he was deaf, we used to come home, sit near him, and gently pat him until he woke up. The look of happiness from him when he’d look up and see it was us, I will never forget. Even our dog walker used to go in and give him a little hello everytime she walked Jack and Ruby. She adored him too.

He used to do happy spins every time he was excited, playful, or just wanted our dinner. He really LOVED human food, and was very selective on which dog food he’d eat. We did a few too many trips back and forth trialling food, which is the reason he had so many jackets.

One of the things we miss most about him was his way to lie anywhere and on top of anything. From my shoulder, to Jack’s head, he made himself fit. He’d even come up for his morning cuddles in bed and work his way under the doona. You’d wake up to a ball of cuteness next to you, which is one of the best ways to wake up.

He had such an impact in a short time. We wish we had more time, but at the end of the day, we are just grateful we got the time we did. He was such a gift to our lives and will be forever loved.