RIP Gerard. From Mildura Pound in 2009.

“Our beautiful Bowie (‘Gerard’) crossed over late Sunday morning.

He had been in excellent health all of his life with us, only needing some tooth extractions.

He has always been a stoic and steady little fellow, using his energy sparingly, guarding the front window with tenacity, and enjoying walks, drives & his food, but in the  last few weeks, we had noticed him eating less, noticed him walking a little bit slower and a bit strained.

On Sunday morning, visited the vet and were advised he had congestion with his heart and lungs, and his breathing was difficult and slow, and he was in discomfort.

We made the difficult but necessary decision to let him go.

We adopted Bowie in January 2010, and he immediately became best mates with our other rescue, Hendrix (who passed away in January 2021). Hendrix from Blue Cross. Bowie had been in foster care with Colleen from memory, and we took Hendrix with us to meet him, and she struggled to say goodbye to Bowie back then.

I recall when Bowie came into your care he had received a broken left paw and had corrective surgery.

For the past more than 13 years he has been extremely loved member of the family and and he is already sorely missed.

But he will never be forgotten, he is irreplaceable and he was so wise, so smart and he’d often disappear out the dog flap to explore the garden never at a rush. Now he is in doggy heaven with his best mate, Hendrix. He was honestly the most gentle natured dog, he was so patient, not once did he snap at anybody. He enjoyed play fighting with Hendrix, and then when we got Mimi, another rescue in 2011 (a long haired JRT X who is still with us aged 16) he took to her as well, and let her join in the play fighting. We always loved Bowie’s apricot coloured ears.

We are immensely grateful for the time that we’ve had him, and to Victorian Dog Rescue for bringing him into our lives.”