“We’re writing to you with heavy hearts to share some sad news about Chance, the wonderful cat we adopted from you ten years ago.

Chance has been an absolute blessing in our lives. He wasn’t just a pet; he was a beloved member of our family, bringing joy, laughter, and comfort into our home every single day. We cherished every moment we spent with him, and he left paw prints all over our hearts.

Unfortunately, we recently faced the tough decision to put Chance to sleep after a short but incurable illness. It was one of the hardest choices we’ve ever had to make, but we knew it was the kindest thing we could do for him.

We wanted to reach out to you because you were the ones who brought Chance into our lives. The joy he brought us over the last decade has been immeasurable, and we are so grateful to Victorian Dog Rescue for giving us the opportunity to have him as part of our family.

Though we miss him dearly, we find comfort in knowing that we gave him a loving home and that he lived a happy life filled with love and care. Thank you for the incredible work you do, connecting animals with families where they can be loved and cherished.

We just wanted to share this with you and to say thank you once again for the wonderful work you do.”