RIP Izzie October 10 2023

Rescued from Wentworth Pound in 2012.

“I remember seeing Izzie on Victorian Dog Rescue’s website and I instantly knew that we were meant to be together. Izzie came to me in December 2012, she was not in a good condition, but we fixed her up, one ailment at a time. We gave her the best life we could. In the first few years she had both luxating patella surgically corrected and she became a very active and confident dog. We managed her ongoing digestive, skin and ear sensitivities through diet and sometimes medication. Izzie was the size of a chihuahua but had a heart and personality as big as a bear. She was our perfect quirky little companion.

Izzie loved travelling, and we did plenty of it with her. At the first sign of us going on a road trip she would jump into our suitcase or hover around the vehicle eager to get on the road. Izzie enjoyed exploring parks, beaches, country tracks and a variety of accommodations that we experienced together. I was lucky to be able to take her to work most days and she loved being a working dog, she even had her own hi-vis vest! She enjoyed being in the garden with us, we even laid a big patch of grass just for her and while we renovated the backyard she was always happy to get her paws dirty and dig us a hole.

During the last year, Izzie’s body failed her, and she suffered from dementia. We did everything we could to make her comfortable and pain free. On October 10, I held Izzie in my arms as she peacefully slipped into her forever sleep. She has left us with a massive hole in our hearts and our home. Our hearts are broken. We love you Izzie RIP”