We are a family with three teenage daughters, an old, blind, and deaf dog named Zucarin and a young cat named Dory.

The death of our beloved Pepsi was very sad and unexpected. Even when we knew what could happen when adopting a senior pet, we always hoped that she would accompany us for at least another 6 years as the vet told us that Chihuahuas are very long-lived and she was in good health. But unfortunately, she had kidney failure and did not improve even after spending two nights at the hospital. In the end, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t stand up as she was weak, but she seemed more alert after a few hours on the drip. Pepsi even barked because she didn’t want to be there, but she relaxed when we visited her and showed us how she really felt.

When she could no longer eat (the vet said dogs with kidney failure get a sore mouth which make it impossible to swallow) we had to give her chicken broth with a dropper, so we have the relief that at least she was gone with a full stomach.

Pepsi spent her last moments with all of us at home, we all had the opportunity to say goodbye, to tell her that we would be fine, that we were grateful for her to have being with us for almost two years and that we loved her very much and that we won’t forget her ever. We put holy water on her head in hopes that God may accompany her on her way.

We were with her and she left feeling us, listening to us, and looking at her favourite person, my husband. She was surrounded by love. We miss her a lot. The first weeks, Zucarin would look around the house for her and whimper. He no longer lies in the little bed where the three of them loved to sleep. In the first mornings after Pepsi died Dory looked for her underneath the blankets. It is very sad not to be able to explain what happened to them. Dory and Zucarin are very close, so I think they will support each other.

Pepsi’s remains are in our backyard, with a stone engraved with her name next to her sisters Lily, Mopy and Miette.

It has been too sad and difficult to accept, but it was all worth it. We would adopt her again without hesitation because Pepsi gave us the best two years of her life, and ours. The first day she arrived at the house she had a sad face, I think she missed her foster carer. Afterwards, her face changed, and she looked very happy. Zucarin accepted her very quickly and Dory hissed at her at first, but a few days later she was already kissing her. The three of them loved falling asleep together. Dory loved to smell Pepsi’s ear and she loved that because she liked to have her ears scratched.

Pepsi was a husband stealer! From the beginning, she always preferred to be with my husband (maybe her previous owner was a man), she always looked for him. She always made a face of satisfaction when she stole the place next to my husband on the sofa. At night, she slept between my husband and I, behind Zucarin, but she always woke up hugged by my husband and covered with a blanket. Her foster carer had already told me that she liked men very much. She loved falling asleep on the couch with Zucarin and Dory watching TV with us.

Her favourite part of the day was when she received her little ham treat when her brother Zucarin had to take his medicine. She would begin to dance around. She also danced when she ate and when my husband (her favourite) came home from work, and it seemed like she had a watch because she always sat near the door to wait for him from work at the right time. She was very happy when the COVID quarantine began because we were all home the whole day. At first, she hadn’t realized that my husband was working upstairs, so she was still waiting for him at the door.

She could not climb stairs or jump to the sofa or bed due to arthritis, so we carried her up and down. She just had to look at us and we already knew what she wanted. When she went out for a walk, she also wanted us to carry her after a while. She didn’t like me giving her kisses on her cheek, and pulled her face away when I approached her for a kiss, but she did give me a lot of kisses back.

We don’t know what happened to her before she was rescued. She liked to have baths, but she hated when we tried to trim her nails. We had to take her to the vet, but she didn’t like it either. Weopted to cut one or two nails at a time when she was calm enough and used treats to distract her.

She liked to lie down on our lap together with Dory, although they barely fitted. She also accepted other animals. When we had to take care of a friend’s dog, she accepted her very well, I suppose because she never took away her favourite place with my husband.

She was so pretty she even posed for the Victorian Dog Rescue calendar and Christmas cards. When the photographer came, Pepsi was asleep so when she woke up, I took off her sweater for the photos. I think the Chihuahua side of her came out because she did not smile in a single photo, but when the photographer left and I put her sweater back on, she miraculously got her smile back.

She really liked going next door to my parent’s house to ask for food (the backyards are interconnected), sometimes she would knock on the back door or bark if they didn’t hear her. She would get very happy when they gave her some chicken or rice and immediately after finishing, she would get come back to our home.

We called her Peppy affectionately, and she was very spoiled by everyone. Her brother Zucarin is very slow to eat his food, and as he is blind, he can barely see his food. Pepsi always finished first and then took food from him. We had to hold her until Zucarin finished. She also loved to have a good hair brush, she would happily lay in the sofa while we brushed her, and asked for attention if we were distracted with the TV or mobile phones. She also shook hands when you said “shake”.

We don’t know how she lived the first 10 years of her life, but the last two, she lived very happily. Thank you Peppy for everything you gave us. We will keep the last smile you gave us the day before leaving in our hearts. You truly made us stop and smell the roses as your profile said. We were very lucky to have you. We will love you forever Peppy.


Pepsi I will miss you and your sassy self. Love you forever and ever even tho you’re far.


Pepsi was a great part of my life, and of my heart. Her feisty nature truly made me happy, and I’m sad to see those days come to an end. While I know she will never return, I will embrace and cherish the memories of our time together. Thank you, Pepsi. I love you.


I love you Pepsi. You were always there to cheer me up. I’ll never forget you.

Xx Hilda and family