We are heartbroken to let you know our dear girl Missy, adopted from you as Lahnee in 2013 has passed away on October 23rd. She became ill with immune mediated hemolytic anaemia and despite our efforts to treat her with blood transfusions and steroids there must have been an underlying condition and she did not regain her strength.

Missy was a talkative, loving, cheeky and sun loving girl who suffered from demodex mange when we picked her up VicDRG in 2013. She was so sickly and skinny when we took her as a foster with view to adopt and spent a few months getting to good health. The quiet puppy became strong and healthy and let us know she was better by routinely tearing up the bed sheets, blankets and chewing the cushions. Missy was best friend and devoted playmate to firstly Frankie and after he passed away in 2016, Dusty another rescue and also tan and slim. Dusty misses her terribly.

The first photo is in the car on her way home from Beaumaris! She lived with us in North Fitzroy, Geelong, Phillip Island and finally her favourite place ever our bush block . Here she spent most of the day outside sunbaking and strolling around the block, Missy was extremely talkative and had a vocabulary ranging from high pitched peeps to the annoyed “reow” she used when needing to be tucked under the blankets during the night.

We miss her so much and can’t believe she is gone. Thank you for posting a photo of a little scampy dog behind the cyclone fencing in Mildura Pound those years ago and giving us the chance to have such a special dog in our lives. We are forever grateful.

With love and thanks,

Daina, Quentin, Luna and Dusty