We adopted gorgeous Ringo when he was 4. VicDRG rescued him from Moira Pound in 2014. We werelucky to have him in our lives for 9 years. He was such a big, handsome kelpie who was great with kids, dogs, cats and chooks. Ringo loved stuffed toys, balls, kindling being snapped, food of all types, licking, barking, rounding up other dogs, stealing chook eggs, being very close, escaping to see the kelpie next door, digging “nests” in the garden, sitting in cars (even better if they’re moving), sitting in ute trays (only when they aren’t moving), weeing a million times on a walk, camping trips and his all time favourite, chasing dirt bikes.  He was just too photogenic – pedigree background but somehow looked half Doberman, half kangaroo. Thank you so much to Vic Dog Rescue for making this all possible.