Little Denali left us last year. Sadly he was only in his fantastic home for four months but had everything at least for that time. Especially he was loved. It has been especially difficult for those whose beloved pets died during the height of the COVID crisis. As with people, they could not be with them to comfort them.

His adopter is heartbroken:

“In the four months we had the joy of him being in our lives he lived life to the full. He loved his walks, loved to chase the birds if they landed on the feeding table, loved to eat carrot whilst I prepared the food for our donkey and miniature pony, he loved going to the beach, he was so good travelling in the car, he loved curling up on the bed with me whether is was whilst I was reading or at night time, he loved sitting on my knee for cuddles and he LOVED food. My husband used to say that he was my shadow, always just behind me wherever I went. If I had to go out without taking him he apparently just used to jump on our bed where he waited for me to come home. He loved me and I loved him with all my heart even though he was with us for such a short time. I miss him every day as do my family, even my daughter’s dog Rosie looks for him each time she comes. Our house is certainly a much sadder, quieter house without my little man.

I cannot believe my little friend has gone, I’m not sure I will ever really understand why we had him for such a short time but I wanted you to know how much he was loved in the short time he was with us.”