“Tiffany came into our lives in December 2014 when we fostered her from Victorian Dog Rescue. We had just lost our lovely little JRT (Rosie (1)) and we wanted a companion for her grieving brother.

We fell in love in love with Tiffany and adopted her in January 2015.

Tiffany’s age was estimated at 7 years and 2 months old when she arrived in our home. A lonely little confused and scared stray who had been found somewhere in the Cobram area of Victoria.

In her early days Tiffany was a runner.  She had no knowledge of toys or treats, and she was completely unaccustomed to hanging about on the couch or chairs. She soon overcame that.

She had a wonderful life with us, gave us unlimited love and affection and became the step mother of our two more recent JRT girls.

Tiffany over the last few weeks became very sick with cancer, kidney failure and pancreatitis. Our wonderful vets did the best they could for her.

On Friday the 13th of October we made the hard decision. She was not in pain but her eyes told us that the struggle had become too much.  She went to sleep for ever as we held her in our arms. She had a good innings of about 16 years.

Even though we are still very teary we know we gave her the best possible life.

We are eternally grateful to Victorian Dog Rescue for giving us the privilege of having this little girl in our lives.

Thank you

Peter, Pam, and the JRT’s Rosie and Grace”