“We could not be happier with Sammy and how he has settled in. He is absolutely adorable and he and Philly seem to be figuring out their relationship. Neither have any issues with each other however both quite happy to kindly let each other know if they need space.

Sammy has quickly decided he will sleep on our bed, but I’m sure when he is more settled he will mix it up a bit as he has plenty to choose from.

He is a dream to walk on lead and we are taking him to the dog park this afternoon for a run!

Aside from a few cries at the door in the first hour he settled perfectly well and has had no issues in eating – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog eat so quickly – luckily Philly does also.

We could not be happier with his first few days and it really just feels like it was meant to be.

Thank you all for the amazing hard work that you do, we are so pleased to now have the opportunity to give Sammy the life he deserves and grateful you could see that we were the right ones to do that.”