Truck Worthington came to us with his friend Boo from a rural pound about 7 months ago.  The pair had been seized from the owner and Truck had serious health issues and was so emaciated. Boo also had issues. Sadly a CT scan with a view to surgery showed that Truck had cancer that had metastasized and no treatment could fix this.  He came back to his wonderful carers to live the best life he could till his time ran out.

Now months later Truck is doing amazingly well. Sure he is on strong pain relief but you would not recognise him for the same dog.  He is such a happy boy, loves his carers, his food, his life.  Boo has been rehomed separately so Truck can be ‘the king’ of the castle.

We believe that Truck  has decided he wants to enjoy this best time of his life for a little longer.  We know the end will come and he will probably go down quickly but he at last is living the life he always should.

Helping dogs like Truck is what your support enables us to do.  Thank you.