Kobi and Chloe have been with me for 9 months now.

It was a stressful start – it took 5 weeks before Chloe would look me in the eye; she would turn her head away; she did not want to know me; she wanted me to go away. Kobi took months before he understood where to sleep; after 15 years of his bed being in the same spot, it did not make sense to him!

Kobi and Chloe were surrendered at ages 15yo and 10yo and it certainly took a while for them to accept their change of life, but they are now very settled in their new home and are much, loved members of my family. Nowadays, Chloe cannot take her eyes off me and Kobi barks to get inside to his warm bed, by the hydronic, heating panel.

I think they are loving life – fresh air; long country walks; dams to swim in; grass to roll on and good smells to rub in, not to mention good food and warm, inside sleeping.

Kobi has put on weight and loves his home cooked chicken and vegies for dinner. Where he was a reluctant eater when he arrived with me, he now barks from the moment I start preparing his breakfast or dinner until the bowl is placed before him – I think he is telling me to hurry up. He woofs it down and looks at me, asking for seconds!

They were not familiar with cats when they arrived and that also took a while, but Chloe (30kg) has a lovely bond with my youngest and smallest cat (3.5kg), Wellington, and they can often be seen exchanging nose kisses, even through the wire of the cat enclosure that is part of the cat’s space when not inside. Wellington came to me as a foster cat with a broken leg and of course didn’t leave after surgery.

Despite having made new friends, Kobi and Chloe still have a beautiful bond and as you can see in the photos, Chloe gives adoring kisses to her old mate Kobi, as he enjoys some morning sunshine.

I am so pleased these oldies came to share their lives with me and although they are in their twilight years. I hope they have many, happy years, ahead of them.