Yet another Mildura Pound dog living overseas now. What stories the ones who were saved could tell – if only.

From the adopter: “We fostered Jesse from VicDog Rescue in June 2008 when she was about 2 years old. She had been left at Mildura pound with her name on a card around her neck. She was our first foster and our first and only failed foster. I am very pleased to say she is still with us, although slowing down, she is now about 14.5 years old. She is still the little light in our life and brings so much joy. She is simply the best dog.

She now lives with us in Bristol, England and loves travelling with us in the campervan. She is very well-travelled, having visited England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Luxembourg (as well as Australia and Abu Dhabi briefly in transit!). She enjoys the cooler weather here and chasing squirrels (and deer).

Her are a few photos of her adventures.