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NB: We do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25. It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia pounds over the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.

Breed: Male Jack Russell Terrier cross
DOB: 25/07/2012
Weight: 6.8kg
Location: Pakenham

Walter may not know how to play, but he certainly knows how to love.

Walter came into foster care a very quiet man who was frightened of everything. He would sit on the other side of the couch and would occasionally get up and pop his head around the corner to look at us and then go back. He would jump at all the noises, even the little ones and appeared to look like he thought he was in trouble all the time, he was a very worried man. Walter would never walk in front of you, he would always follow and would never come inside without a lot of encouragement. He was not toilet trained and thought everything was going to hurt him.  He would run away when things like drawers were opened and even when you opened a new jar of something, and it popped, he was also terrified of things that would swing past him and would run out of the room. Walter was unable to give eye contact, always walked with his head down and jumped when you touched him. Walter was terrified of the lead if any person was touching it and always had to have an escape route, otherwise he would cry out in fear. Walter was terrified to take food from our hands and would stop eating if the food bowl made a noise.

He was clearly shut down and never experienced living in a home or had a lot of contact with people.

The little man has come a long way and has shown us his personality. Even though the world is very scary for him, he knows how to love you like you have never experienced. He is a true companion, and he loves to follow his person around everywhere.  When he has moments of excitement and forgets about the world, he can be a funny little guy with his little belly dances and cheesy grin with his crooked jaw and teeth that go in all different directions.  Then you  can see a grin that will warm your heart. He loves it when you wake up in the morning. He will hop on you and greet you with cuddles and rubs. He now loves to be touched and patted even though it still makes him jump a little sometimes.  Belly and butt rubs are his favourite and he  has even started to raise his little back leg when lying down so you can get right into his belly. He is good with many things around the home now including drawers, doors, the washing machine, the dishwasher and will even go in or out the door before you sometimes to follow the other dogs. But the world is still very scary and some days he is more confident than others and yes you will scare him often throughout the day. Walter is getting better when things pass by him like if you are shaking out a jumper to hang it or putting on pants and they touch him, he still flinches and moves away but will stay in the room and be super brave to stay with his person.

Walter loves the security of butt snuggling with his foster brothers and sister and will run a little with them as they do zoomies, but as soon as they touch him he will stop and give a little growl in fear. Walter is not interested in playing at all with his fur friends and he does not like it if they are sniffing him to much or approach his face. Walter does not understand play and finds it all to overwhelming. He relies on his fur friends to show him that life doesn’t hurt you and will sometimes sniff their nose, but he does not want a playmate, just the safety of another dog   Walter has chased the ball a few times, but then gets to it and comes trotting back. But once he knows you and knows you love him, he will do all he can to always be by your side despite finding everything else around you truly frightening.

Walter now confidently takes food from our hands, it did take him a while to learn how to do this. He so wants to be gentle, every now and then he still misjudges it and can clip your finger slightly, but as soon as he feels it, he adjusts. This is due to his crooked jaw and teeth. He still doesn’t know how to lick fingers. He eats from a soft plate and licks the whole thing clean (because it can’t make any noise). He really looks forward to his mealtimes now.

Walter has brave days around the lead.  He has been able to wear it a few times now and will accept pats and treats from my hand while holding the lead. He is slowly getting better with the clicking sound of the clip on the lead and is starting to believe the dogs that the clicking sound on the gate is not going to hurt him, but it is a good thing. He is not ready to fully go up to the gate when it is being clicked but comes so much closer to it. Walter may never be comfortable to go for a walk and his persons will need to be okay with that.

Walter can appear to be fine as he is never aggressive because of his fear. He only goes into Flight (running away to hide) or Freeze (dropping to the ground to hug it or becoming very stiff whilst you do something to him).

Walter needs someone who is extremely patient and will help him to continue to develop his confidence in every day  living and who will allow him to always be by their side. You will scare him many times throughout the day, and he will have moments of trotting away, dropping to the ground or being frozen like a statue. You will be often saying ‘You’re ok Walter’ and you may hear little cries of fright. But you will also have love and devotion from Walter from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed and you will be shown amazing bravery just so he can be with you.

You truly will be Walters whole world.

Teenage/Adult Home

Microchip Number: 956000014719350

Health: Walter has epilepsy which is controlled by medication. He has had a dental done. He is on CBD oil for mobility issues and has SNS eyes.

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. All necessary vet work such as dentals, surgery, eye treatment is also carried out. We are no longer heartworm testing as we have not had one positive test since we began in 2006. If a dog comes to us on heartworm treatment this is continued.