RIP Very loved Makko.

Makko came to us via a homeless man who had had him for three years. He had taken Makko from an older woman when he saw her beating a tied up Makko. He asked her could he have him and she said yes. The man loved Makko and had been hiding him in his hostel but he had been told Makko had to go or he would.

Makko was adopted in 2016 and his life was good from then on.

“Makko, my lovely boy, I miss you, and still look for you in the places we called home between us, in the silence and the empty spaces. I still find it hard to get used to you not meeting me at the front door, and not hearing your frenzied barking when the front gate opens or someone jingles the front door bells. I miss hearing your song, I miss your company when I’m gardening, seeing you sleep so peacefully, your hop as you strutted along behind me, seeing you tear up your toy you were bonded to, leaving stuffing throughout the house like a bomb had gone off, lying with you on the couch, sharing toast, and spending days with you at home. You were my happy place and my home.

You arrived when you were expected least, hopping – but almost strutting – up the hallway with only a half glance behind you and a whole lot of courage and a boldness that went beyond what your little body carried. From the beginning you belonged like the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle, and maybe you already knew you’d arrived home.

You had the courage of a lion in the body of a mouse, and despite living in a world that was too big, harsh and overbearing, you were still trusting, still loving, and still you. You were gentle, bold, and stubborn, always knowing what you wanted and not being afraid to dig your
attitude in and give that defiant look of yours when you needed to stand your ground or test me to get what you wanted – it worked, pretty much every time. And you always had the last say.

You had a remarkable impression on whoever you met and you’d squeal with delight whenever you’d see friends – there were a special few you loved the most. You loved greeting people and would go up and say a gentle, timid hello with your tail wagging and smiling bow to  anyone who might bend down and give you a pat, and a little recognition made you happy. We strutted the streets and our area every morning and afternoon, until later when we had to stay closer to home, but we’d still go out every day for an amble and to greet the neighbourhood. People would mention they liked seeing you out their window hopping down the street behind me, and some have asked after you lately. You left imprints on many people and are missed by those who knew and love you.

Thank you, Makky D, for your precious gift and for meeting me here and travelling this journey. It has been heaven here with you. Shine brightly as you always have, in peace and with joy. Know that you have made a difference, you are loved beyond measure and are deeply missed.”