It has been such a joy to have Marty in my life.Sadly Marty passed away in March this year.

I loved him to bits and we had a wonderful but short life together. He loved his walks, off leash parks and going to the dog beach – the latter I think was a new experience for him. He was very friendly with other dogs – except for the really large ones and that was very understandable – he was smart!

Marty had such a calm, sweet and gentle nature he was beloved by all my extended family especially the grandchildren and loved to visit them.

Unfortunately Marty had a sudden left eye lens luxation (dislocation) in January 2020. This required surgery to remove the dislocated lens, medication and temporary cone. However he recovered well and although he lost his left eye sight he coped well. However later on Marty did have problems with left eye infections which required treatment.

Marty was a cuddly lap dog – would happily sit on my lap – lovely during lockdown.

Marty was also popular local identity in my shopping strip with his swirling tail and happy nature.