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Adoption Fee: $1100

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Adoption Application Form

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NB: We do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25. It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia pounds over the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.


Breed: Female Shihtzu cross
DOB: 19/12/2009
Weight: 6.7kg


Breed: Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross
DOB: 23/09/2014
Weight: 8.5kg

Location: Camberwell

Peaches and Sammy may be mother and son; they have definitely spent their lives together and will be rehomed as a pair.

Peaches and Sammy are lovely dogs who are in need of a new home through no fault of their own. A bonded duo, these two enjoy life together and with the people they love.

Peaches is in her golden years and spends much of life snoozing or snacking. In foster care, she has been quiet and somewhat reserved, although this may relate in part to her low vision and need to map out her surroundings and people. When out and about for walk or at the groomers, Peaches is typically calm and has shown friendly interest in a passing puppy or two. Sporting some of the aches and pains of older age, Peaches accepts handling as needed but prefers to keep her feet on the ground when possible.

Sammy is love on legs. This boy has never received a cuddle he didn’t like, loves to connect with everyone he meets, and lives for affection. The slightest eye contact with his human – indeed, most people – will have Sammy’s tail wagging. Sammy is sociable and spritely, enjoying his daily walks and a chance to meet and greet around the neighbourhood.

Peaches and Sammy have had limited formal training, but they are good natured and responsive dogs. Their toileting has been a bit hit and miss in foster care, which may reflect their recent disruptions, and they are slowly getting the hang of things. They sleep through the night and parts of the day, happily together in the living area. Each has some minor medication requirements, which will be explained to potential adopters. This dynamic duo are okay being left inside for a few hours when their people are out, provided they have each other and a warm bed. They are untested with cats.

Peaches and Sammy will do well in a quiet home where they have plenty of human contact, a chance to socialise and stretch their legs – with Sammy needing more opportunities than Peaches – and patient guidance as they get used to their new digs. They would be fine cohabiting with another dog, as long as there is enough human love and snacks to go around.

If you think that life would be Peachy with Peaches and Sammy, they are looking forward to your adoption application.

Peaches’ Microchip Number:900012000607858

Sammy’s Microchip Number: 900032001969841

Source Number: RE120211

Medical Notes: Currently undergoing health checks

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. All necessary vet work such as dentals, surgery, eye treatment is also carried out. We are no longer heartworm testing as we have not had one positive test since we began in 2006. If a dog comes to us on heartworm treatment this is continued.