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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Tara Hadley


Tara Hadley is a determined little sweetheart who just wants a chance to live a healthy life. At 10 years young, Tara still has many good years ahead of her. Tara is available for adoption and is also looking for a sponsor or Guardian Angel.

Fluffy Ingersoll


Fluffy is the sweetest of dogs. She is very friendly with all people and gets along really well with her foster dog sibling. She rolls over for tummy scratches and tries to sneak kisses in whenever she can.

Dash Hadley


Dash has come into our care wary of the world and of dogs and people he doesn’t know. Despite this he is extremely loving and once he trusts you requests cuddles and will happily spend time lounging around on your lap.

Austin Hadley


Looking for a new best friend? A quirky, shy gentleman? An adorable companion who needs you as much as you need him? Say hi to Austin. Austin’s happy place is next to you – on the couch, at your feet and everywhere you go.

Tasha Elderton


Tasha is an anxious sweetie who just wants to hang out with her person and will instantly bond. She has had a rough time recently going through a pound, and by the healed  battle scars on her face has had some tough times.

Bruno Belvedere


Bruno is such a sweetheart. Like many rescue dogs, he has gone through a lot, and is desperate for love. He will melt your heart when you pick him up and he snuggles in to your shoulder and lets out a little sigh.

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