Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Scout Van Winkle


Sweet Scout somehow lost her people and ended up as a unclaimed stray in the pound. This lovely girl has quickly shown herself to be friendly and affectionate, with just a dash of cheekiness in her foster home.

Torro Upchurch


Imagine finding the fountain of youth. Dear Torro is a delightful senior, who is experiencing his second adolescence in foster care. Torro has pep in his step and a sweet and loving nature. His favourite things include zoomies about the house, nesting in his beds, and a snuggle on the couch with his people.

Zeus Rivero


Zeus is undeniably cute with his soft, curly brown fur and expressive eyes. He may be small in size, but he has a big heart and a lively personality.

Max Ingersoll


~ A sweet little man looking for his Fairy Godmother ~ Max came into care after experiencing a life of living in a 2x2 cage with another dog in squalid conditions. Sadly after they were seized and taken to a shelter Max’s friend was in such poor condition that he was pts. Max then came to us.

Bruno Belvedere


Bruno is such a sweetheart. Like many rescue dogs, he has gone through a lot, and is desperate for love. He will melt your heart when you pick him up and he snuggles in to your shoulder and lets out a little sigh.

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