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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Bella Bellingham


Meet Bella a beatifical 6-year-old Labrador X Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is laid back, always happy to go for long walks and equally as happy snuggling up on the couch with you.

Mia Elderton


Meet Mia Elderton, a beautiful older girl who needs love and trust building after years of living outside in the cold. Mia needs a home that will give her the opportunity to live out her final years feeling loved and cared for.

Dottie Elderton


Meet Dottie ... Just a little sweetie who longs to be loved by her humans. Dottie is new to us, so we are still learning about her.  But what we do know is that whilst still a little nervous and unsure, she is a very calm and sweet soul.

Tasha Elderton


Tasha is an anxious sweetie who just wants to hang out with her person and will instantly bond. She has had a rough time recently going through a pound, and by the healed  battle scars on her face has had some tough times.

Stig Dahlstrom


Stig is an absolute snugglebug. He loves balls, his teddy bears and is happiest surrounded by his people and doggy friends. Stig just wants to love, be loved and experience life.

Bonnie Dahlstrom


Miss Bonnie is an absolute sweetheart and she just wants a space on your lap and to cuddle with her special person. She really likes people and wags her tail to show her happiness.

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