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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Prim Yarbury


Snuffly cuddle buddy. Prim is a happy, friendly girl who has been well-loved all her life. She is a loving pup who adores affection from people of all sizes, Prim takes a relaxed approach to life.

Kai Applegate


Kai is an absolute sweetheart, who harbors the best of her breeds in her smart and happy soul. This sociable lovebug is very trusting with people and always up for a scratch behind the ears and a tickle of her tummy.

May Applegate


Lovely May is new into our care and we are still getting to know her. Without much consistency in her life, she still has a lot to learn. As a young puppy, she is still discovering the world around her and learning where her boundaries lie.

Riley Yarbury


Riley is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He wants to be around his people as much as possible and his happy place is snuggling in a fluffy blanket with cuddles on the couch. Riley loves pats and lots of attention.

Cookie Yarbury


Cookie is so very sweet. She is a great puppy, calm for her age and great with people. She is friendly with dogs and reads their energy well, respecting their space.

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