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In Memoriam

In Memoriam2023-06-10T16:23:32+10:00

Here we pay tribute to those dogs and cats who have left us.

“No longer by my side, but forever in my heart”

RIP Mary Jane

To some, Mary Jane was a strong willed little girl and because of this was difficult. To me, she was my "Little One" or "Tootsie" [read more...]

RIP Satin

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweetheart, Satin. She had been with me for 14 and a half years. My constant companion; I [read more...]

RIP Ashley

RIP  Little Ashley was one of our earliest saves from Mildura Pound in 2007 as a young boy.  He was my foster dog and not [read more...]

RIP Bill

"Bill lived the most amazing life with us and had everything he could ever ask for. He didn't spend a minute alone over the last [read more...]

RIP Gizmo

"As I had agreed to be their foster carer, little Gizmo was delivered to my home one Saturday afternoon, together with his siblings – Ellie [read more...]

RIP Bon Bon

Sadly, Bon Bon came to us with medical problems. Attempting to fix one of these at the specialist, the CT scan showed a large rectal [read more...]

RIP Odie

From Odie's adopter: With a heavy heart I bring you news that Odie passed away on the 28th of September, 2021. He became very unwell [read more...]

RIP Willow

My darling Willow He was so gentle So loving So loved So beautiful So graceful He had the sweetest nature He was poetry in motion [read more...]

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